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Depression and how a homeopath might help

TweetThis is a brief video explaining how a homeopath will use your own individual experience of your illness/difficulties to establish which is the best remedy to suit your own particular needs.  I have used...

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Homeopathy and some of its esoteric uses

TweetA short video about some of the more esoteric ways of using homeopathy – including chakra treatment, meditation, and ancestral clearing.

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Alaskan Essences and how they can help!

TweetClick below to see my short video covering how to get started with Alaskan Essences.  The great thing about them is you can prescribe them for yourself, they work incredibly quickly and they really...

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Using homeopathy to support your inner path

TweetMy latest video blog about using homeopathy when you are well and things are flowing, to help refine your life so that you really get to have your cake and eat it! Includes information...

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Want to self-prescribe homeopathy but not sure where to start? Then this is for you!

TweetUsing something for the first time is often overwhelming and it’s no different with homeopathy.  There is so much information out there so how on earth are you going to find the right remedy...

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Christmas Crisis – are you about to have one?

TweetIt’s nearly December and Christmas is on it’s way.  Everywhere you turn there are shops and magazines all promoting the ‘perfect’ christmas…what to wear, what to cook, what presents to give, how your home...

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Is PMS the dark cloud in your month? Then read this.

TweetDo you look at your diary and think ‘uh oh, it’s that time of the month again’?  You know how many days it is until your period and you know that the week or...

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the shame game – where do you fit in?

TweetDo you have a deep dark secret that you can’t share, something you wish you could unburden yourself from? There is nearly always something burning away at every single one of us but we...

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