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Ever wondered how you can transform your life? Well here’s a good place to start…

TweetAs a homeopath I am always on the look-out for something new that can help my patients. Homeopathy is incredibly effective and is great at helping us reach a place of well-being, however, there...

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Homeopathy and some of its esoteric uses

TweetA short video about some of the more esoteric ways of using homeopathy – including chakra treatment, meditation, and ancestral clearing.

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Alaskan Essences and how they can help!

TweetClick below to see my short video covering how to get started with Alaskan Essences.  The great thing about them is you can prescribe them for yourself, they work incredibly quickly and they really...

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Transform your negative thinking!

TweetClick on the link below to see my latest blog. In it I suggest various ways that you can help yourself to transform the negative chunter that goes on your mind.  If you’re fed...

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Alaskan Essences for cleansing, clearing and detoxing – both inside and out!

TweetHere’s my latest video blog about using essences to facilitate detoxification on all levels.  The essences I talk about help to release toxic patterns and energy whether from your environment, or ones that you...

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Using homeopathy to support your inner path

TweetMy latest video blog about using homeopathy when you are well and things are flowing, to help refine your life so that you really get to have your cake and eat it! Includes information...

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Alaskan Essences to help with the cold and dark winter months.

TweetHere’s my latest video blog about a few Alaskan Essences that can help you get through the cold, dark winter months. If you are feeling low, demotivated or struggling then this one’s for you....

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‘Inner Radiance vs Outer Beauty’ – a place where the two worlds meet

TweetI’ve often spent time musing where beauty fits in, in the world of health and wellbeing. Is it an industry that taps into our insecurities and judges us for how we look on the...

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Fancy being part of a New Year’s Revolution? Then this is for you.

TweetEndings always provide us with an opportunity to reflect and assess what has gone before. Most of us get to new year’s day and have a list of ‘intentions’ for the next year –...

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Alaskan Essence Combinations

TweetAlaskan Essence Combinations 2/12/14 A short video about 3 of the wonderful Alaskan Essence Combinations – Purification, Guardian and Soul Support. x

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