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Want to self-prescribe homeopathy but not sure where to start? Then this is for you!

TweetUsing something for the first time is often overwhelming and it’s no different with homeopathy.  There is so much information out there so how on earth are you going to find the right remedy...

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Christmas Crisis – are you about to have one?

TweetIt’s nearly December and Christmas is on it’s way.  Everywhere you turn there are shops and magazines all promoting the ‘perfect’ christmas…what to wear, what to cook, what presents to give, how your home...

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the shame game – where do you fit in?

TweetDo you have a deep dark secret that you can’t share, something you wish you could unburden yourself from? There is nearly always something burning away at every single one of us but we...

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Overwhelmed by Grief? Then read this.

TweetEvery day it’s the same. You wake up and feel that overwhelming sense of grief. The pain and deep sadness is too much to bear and you just don’t know how to go on....

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