Christmas Crisis – are you about to have one?

xmastreeIt’s nearly December and Christmas is on it’s way.  Everywhere you turn there are shops and magazines all promoting the ‘perfect’ christmas…what to wear, what to cook, what presents to give, how your home should look….there seems to be no end of Christmas promotion and ‘advice’ wherever you look.

But what if you are one of the people who are dreading Christmas? What if all of these things mean you are faced with a challenging, distressing or overwhelming time in the weeks ahead?  Not all of us find Christmas easy and yet there seems to be nowhere to turn when you’d rather switch off the festive period and get to 2015 as quickly as possible.

Often Christmas can remind us of what is missing in our lives.  It can remind us of the emotions that we are always struggling with, but somehow seem even more potent at this time of year.  We are told Christmas is about togetherness, family, abundance, celebration…isn’t that right?  Or maybe for you it is about just getting through, finding a way to survive so that you are still around by New Year?

snow treePerhaps this christmas you are consumed by worry about money? Perhaps a loved one has passed away and this festive time of year just seems unbearable without them?  Or maybe it is all overwhelming, the pressure for everything to be ‘just right’ is too much to bear?

Whatever it is that seems overwhelming to you right now, there are a number of homeopathic remedies and essences that could help. They will help you feel able to carry on, to face what seems unendurable.  They can provide that missing piece of the jigsaw that turns ‘I just can’t do this’ to ‘actually, maybe I can’.   They might just make the difference you need, to help you feel supported and able through these next few weeks. Below are a few remedies that could help get you through:-

Remedies and essences for griefgrief2

Does this time of year remind you of someone you have lost?  Maybe a loved one or family member has passed away and Christmas always reminds you of them?  Or maybe you have been through a relationship breakup and you have no idea how you are going to face this Christmas alone?  If it is sadness that you are facing then these remedies could really help:-

Ignatia - Are you suffering from an emotional shock or trauma, or have you recently experienced a bereavement?  Or are you suffering from grief or from a relationship break up? This remedy is often prescribed in these situations and you may recognise some of its specific symptoms – sighing a lot or taking deep breaths, outbursts of sobbing or choking and the feeling of a lump in the throat.  You might also be feeling sulky or broody, constricted in your chest or feeling as though you have a knot in your stomach.  If you know that you are trying to control your feelings of grief and feel you can’t quite manage it then this could be a great remedy for you.

Pulsatilla – This remedy can really help if you have suffered from a relationship breakup.  The feelings of being abandoned may be overwhelming you, leading you to feel that you just aren’t capable of coping alone.  Are you desperate to have other people help you manage your life, or do  you feel incredibly tearful and unloved if you have to fend for yourself? If you do then this remedy will help you to start to feel your own strength and to know that you really can do whatever you need to do. River-Beauty1-100x143

River Beauty Alaskan essence – When you are experiencing shock, grief or sadness, this essence can help soothe the effects of such traumatic events.  It will help you to feel supported so that you are able to move on and start to process and recover from the difficulties you have faced.

A remedy and an essence for worry

Arg Nit – Are you thinking ‘what if…’ all the time? Are you always in a hurry, always rushing everywhere with the pressure of everything increasing day by day?  If you are feeling pushed to the limit then this remedy is for you.  It will help you to feel calmer, more able to cope and will help bring a feeling of space, so that you have time to get everything done and are able to let go of the incessant worrying and fretting that drives your life. Aquamarine

Aquamarine Alaskan essence – If your mind is overstimulated, you are having repetitive thoughts or are worrying and thinking all the time then this will help you hugely.  It helps you to reach a neutral, relaxed state of mind and brings a feeling of calm to an overactive mental body.

There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies and essences that are available to support you during times of emotional difficulty.  It’s so easy to get stuck and to be unable to see a way to feel better than this ever again.  Homeopathy can help stimulate your body’s own healing system so that you can resolve and complete any difficulties that are stopping you enjoying your life.  So, if you are ready to take that step and start enjoying life again why not book in for an appointment or try one of the remedies above.  If you do want any help or advice on how to take homeopathic remedies do get in touch – I can be reached at

With very best wishes, xx

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