remedies and essencesIf you are interested in trying a natural approach to any element of your health I offer the following:-

Initial consultation

Adult £75 (up to 1 1/4 hours), Child £60 (up to 1 hour)

Follow up consultations

Adult – 1/2 hour £45 or 1 hour £75 (depending on what is necessary)

Child – 1/2 hour £30 (usually only half hour is required)

The purpose of the initial consultation is to discuss your health and wellbeing in as much detail as possible.  We will cover things like diet, lifestyle, stresses, challenges in your life so that I am able to consider you as a whole.  This will enable me to really tailor the homeopathic prescription exactly to your personal circumstances and will, therefore, have the greatest chance of success.  I have a patient questionnaire that I ask you to complete in which I ask for details such as past illnesses/health issues and also about any relevant health issues that have concerned your parents/grandparents etc.

I will also give you an information sheet about homeopathy and how to take what I prescribe for you – which is usually either small homeopathic pilules or remedies/essences in liquid that you take in drop form.

Other Fees

I am also available for my patients by phone/e-mail if you have any health issues that arise between consultations.  The fees are as follows:-

£10 for up to 10 minutes by phone (up to 4 remedies) or £14 (if more than four remedies required).  Same fees for e-mail advice with remedies.

E-mail advice without remedies – £5 per 10 minutes spent on case.

Acute session in person – 20 minute session for £25.  (This is not normally necessary as most problems can be dealt with by phone/Skype/FaceTime, however, I would need to see someone in person, even for an acute problem, if they were not one of my current or past patients.)