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As a homeopath I am always on the look-out for something new that can help my patients. Homeopathy is incredibly effective and is great at helping us reach a place of well-being, however, there are times when something else is needed, that a different energy is required.

We are all unique and, therefore, our path to wellbeing often has to echo that – there isn’t a ‘fixed’ way that is the ‘right’ way and changing our approach can often bring powerful results.

One approach that I am currently recommending to my patients is the Three Principles. If you are looking to transform negativity, if you want to free yourself from depression or emotional trauma for good then this method can bring about incredible results.

Ian WatsonI have had the great fortune over the years to work on my own well-being with Ian Watson – someone who has great integrity and incredible insight into inner-transformation work. He is the Founder and Managing Director of The Insight Space, a Three Principles Training and Facilitation organisation that is doing amazing work in the UK to bring this to a wider audience.

I had the pleasure of recently meeting with Ian and was keen to put a few questions to him to help clarify for anyone new to the Three Principles what it is all about.

So Ian, if I was new to The Three Principles, what do you think are the main things that I need to know about it as an approach? And also, on a more practical level, how could it help me?

Well, the first thing to know is that we call this an understanding rather than an approach. It’s not a technique, it’s a way of seeing, of realizing for yourself, how your experience of life gets created in every moment through the power of thought. And what you begin to see is that everything you experience is created inside of you, and that all of your feelings are coming from your own thinking in the moment – even though most of that thought-activity is happening outside of your conscious awareness.

This is an extremely powerful and liberating thing to realize, because it stops you feeling victimized by life circumstances, by your past, by your genetics or body chemistry, or by other people. When you see that nothing outside of you has the power to make you feel bad – or good – you have understood something about the nature of life that puts you back in alignment with your own true nature. You become the conscious creator of a life of your own choosing, rather than being at the mercy of whatever life happens to throw at you.

On a practical level, you learn to read the feeling-feedback signals from your body, that tell you with relentless consistency what kind of thinking you are entertaining at any given moment. And you realize very quickly that you could simply ignore a massive amount of your habitual thought-patterns and, as they fall away, you find yourself enjoying a level of peace and happiness that you haven’t felt for a long time.

You’ll find it easier to get along with people whom you might have found difficult, because you see that your emotional reactions are coming from your own thoughts, not from the other person. You become more present to life as it makes increasingly less sense for you to dwell on past troubles or to worry about imaginary futures. You discover that well-being and peace of mind is your natural state, and is not something you have to chase after or try to manufacture for yourself.

What would you recommend as a good place to start if I want to learn more about The Three Principles? And is it something that I can start using straight away?

I would recommend any of the materials of Sydney Banks, who first uncovered this new paradigm, which you can obtain from www.sydneybanksproducts.com. Another good introductory book that I recommend is The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neil. The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill

The funny thing is, you have been using these principles all of your life! It’s not that you learn how the principles work and then start applying them. You learn how they work, and realize you have been using them unknowingly to create all of your life experience thus far – the good, the bad and the ugly. Once you see that – your common sense kicks in and you become a little more discerning about what kinds of experience you create for yourself going forward.

What sort of courses do you run at The Insight Space and do you have anything for beginners?

We run a range of programmes from introductory talks and classes all the way through to residential retreats and professional facilitator trainings. The aim is to bring this life-transforming understanding to as many people as possible in whatever way we can.

Where can I go to look if I want to find out more?

You can visit our website at www.theinsightspace.com and find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theinsightspace.

As you can tell from Ian’s answers, there is so much that can be gained from applying the Three Principles understanding to our lives.  If you are interested to share your views then please do leave a comment or get in touch.  And if you are keen to get cracking and want to find out more right away, why not watch this video that Ian has online which explains more. Enjoy. xx https://www.facebook.com/theinsightspace/videos/382810711928236/?l=6091417745731058949


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