Flower Essences

As Steve Johnson, the creator of the Alaskan Esseces says,

“Flower essences are unique in that they are a source of intelligent healing energy that is available to both empower and educate the person taking them.  They are empowering because they do not do our healing work for us, but with us – they are poweful catalysts for growth and change.”

SOULSUPPORTI have worked using three different makes of essences over a number of years and time and time again I witness just how much transformation can occur when taking them.   They are always gentle and nurturing and yet they hold such enormous power to unlock the extraordinary potential within each and every one of us in a safe and supported way.


If you are interested to read more about the essences I use please have a look at these wonderful websites:

Alaskan Essences

Indigo Essences

Mediterranean Essences

How to take your Essences…

There are two forms that your essences can come in.  If you have essences from me or if you order a ‘personalised combination’ from Healthlines you will receive a dropper bottle which contains a small amount of brandy (as a preservative), the drops of the essences and water. When you take the essences you should shake the bottle or tap it against the palm of your hand 3 or 4 times.  Then use the pipette to squeeze 3 to 4 drops either directly under your tongue or in a glass of water that you can then sip when needed.  Normally I recommend taking the essences 3 to 4 times a day, however, this may vary depending on the prescription.

 You may receive different instructions for taking your essences if you order from Healthlines.  They stock a vast collection of different essences and each range may have different instructions for taking them. The other way you can get your essences is as a ‘stock bottle’.  This is the essence in its strongest form and you would dilute it before taking.  Buying stock bottles is a way of using an essence long term or for building up a collection of essences.  Healthlines have a great FAQ page about using and buying essences that you can get to it here and if you are interested in buying essences direct from Healthlines you can access their homepage here.

Sometimes people feel such a connection with taking their essences that they take them more than 3 to 4 times a day when they first begin with them.  This is fine.  It normally balances out after a few days and you may even find that you begin to reduce the frequency after a while.  This again is perfectly normal – it is your intuition guiding you to take them in the way that is just right for you so do trust that feeling and get in touch with me if you have any questions…..And you know when it’s time to come back and see me for a different set of drops when you forget to take them altogether!

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