“I just can’t go on any more…..”

So here it is, the day that you’ve admitted to yourself that you just can’t go on. You can’t face life being like this every day, being so full of suffering and so lacking in joy and yet you’ve no idea where to turn to make a difference.

I can't do this

The first thing I want to remind you is that you are not alone.  I know it feels like it, but you aren’t. As human beings we all experience suffering in different ways and there are choices that you can make that will help you to get through this. You’ve already taken the hardest step, to admit to yourself that you don’t want things to be like this any more and that you do want things to change.

Did you know that homeopathy and flower essences can really help in this situation? Lots of people think of using them for physical problems, however, they excel when used at times like this – when you have no idea what your next move should be and you are suffering deeply.

Coming to see a homeopath means you get space just for you.  You have a dedicated listener who is deeply interested in every part of you, who will want to hear about the struggles you face and about how you’d like to change your life.  Not only do you have that precious time to nurture yourself, you also receive well prescribed homeopathy and essences that will help you move swiftly through whatever you face – whatever seems stuck can be released with ease and your life really can change.

So it really does mean that you don’t have to try and figure out the next step by yourself, this can be a journey you share and be supported through.

Yes, you matter.

Yes, you deserve this.

Yes, you CAN do it.

As a homeopath I have seen lots of people transform their lives using homeopathy and flower essences…and I mean transform – not just getting you through this bad patch but actually helping you to implement changes that will stay with you, releasing you from some of that heavy burden that you carry with you every day.

For example, when Sophie came to see me she was caught in a cycle of self-loathing. She was trying not to self-harm and her struggle to try and control her feelings was manifesting in outbursts of rage. She was so exhausted trying to keep a lid on it, pushing herself all the time, that on the bad days, when she just couldn’t go on, she would snap and all that internal pressure would release itself in anger. Unsurprisingly this would then turn in on her and amplify all the feelings she was struggling against, and on and on it would go. The self-perpetuating cycle of internal destruction.

remedies and essencesThen Sophie started on her journey with homeopathy, on a deep path of self discovery and she really has transformed her experience of life. Within a few months she stopped having the outbursts of anger and she really started to learn how to live life differently, understanding herself and finding compassion for herself and her struggles.

So, however hard it feels right now to to put yourself first, you really can do it. There is another way. You deserve to be heard, to be given the opportunity to discover your own possibilities and to be free of this burden that you are always carrying. So if like Sophie, you want to transform your life and experience a new, happier you, then click here to sign up for your first homeopathy session with me or click here to find out about my 6 month course of Radical Transformation Sessions. You really can be happier with homeopathy, just give it a try.

With love,

Angela x


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