Is PMS the dark cloud in your month? Then read this.

Do you look at your diary and think ‘uh oh, it’s that time of the month again’?  You know how many days it is until your period and you know that the week or two before it are going to be hell…but there just doesn’t seem to be a way to keep things “normal” – your hormones come, they wreak havoc and, like it or not, your world is turned upside down.

14109345261_6c3f97ae3f_cPMS can be emotionally debilitating.   You can go from sane and well balanced to unhinged and suicidal, from calm to seething and from happy to weeping all in the blink of an eye.

So, where to next?  How on earth do you get your menstrual cycle in balance and finally free yourself from this monthly drama?

To start with there are basic every day things that you can do to help with the emotional and physical side of PMS.  Like avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol, exercising more and adding supplements or herbal remedies to your diet (like hemp/flax seed oil, agnus castus, black cohosh or red clover).

You can also try homeopathy, which works wonderfully for PMS and menstrual problems. It really can help you to transform this time of the month so that you no longer have to drag around the burden of your PMS.  There are lots of different remedies that can help – here are few examples… you recognise yourself in any of these?IsolationSadGirlHideFace

Sepia is wonderful remedy for the woman that feels defeated.  She just wants someone to take away the kids so that she can have a break.  There is often an overwhelming feeling that there is nothing in their lives for them, and they can often feel completely burdened and irritable.

Nux Vomica helps enormously for any woman that is really impatient and intolerant when they are pre-menstrual.  They might be aggressive, irritable and shout a lot and may also have an intense feeling of pressure – which can lead to huge amounts of stress and a feeling of overwhelm.

Lachesis is a great remedy for pre-menstrual women who find themselves irritable, jealous and spiteful.  They are very vulnerable because of the jealousy that they feel and are often deeply worried that the man in their life will leave them.  They also have an intense desire to be horrible to people because of the spiteful feelings that come up, however, as soon as they say something nasty they then suffer deeply from remorse.

3104866552_8f82b5e2c3Pit-Ant is an extreme remedy for women that are suffering horribly with their PMS.  This woman will find herself feeling incredibly angry, and not only that but violent too.  She may struggle with the desire to attack her loved ones (and sometimes even tries to), the violence that she is feeling is so extreme.  It is as though the feelings are so intense that they have to lash out to find some kind of release – but it only leads to feeling terrible after the event which then makes her feel even worse.

Nat Mur helps women that are feeling really depressed and tearful during their pre-menstrual time.  They can also feel suicidal and see no point in going on.  They find themselves preoccupied by  their thoughts of suicide and find it incredibly difficult to connect with anything positive in their lives during this time of the month.

These are just a few examples of remedies that are at the disposal of any good homeopath.  It is amazing what can be achieved by taking well prescribed remedies that are tailored to your own individual needs.  If any of this strikes a cord with you and you want to try out homeopathy please do get in touch.  I would love to work with you to help transform your pre-menstrual time into something positive and enjoyable.  It really is possible if you just give it a try!

Angela x

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