Overwhelmed by Grief? Then read this.

Every day it’s the same. You wake up and feel that overwhelming sense of grief. The pain and deep sadness is too much to bear and you just don’t know how to go on.

Perhaps you are living with this sort of struggle? Perhaps this endless grief is now unbearable? Whatever stage of grief you are in please know that you are not alone. Grief is something that we all face and yet it is something we are all unprepared for. So give yourself a break just this once and know that it really is okay to ask for help.alt+="grief"

Imagine if one of your friends was grieving deeply and imagine if they too were struggling on alone. I bet you would be encouraging them to seek help because you wouldn’t want them to continue suffering needlessly.

Taking steps to look after yourself during the grieving process is so important, especially if you find yourself unable to move on. For some immediate comfort and support why not try these steps:-


alt="grieving breath posture"Reconnecting to your breath can be so healing, particularly when coping with ongoing grief. Try to do it at least once a day – it will help to ground you, release some of the tension you are bound to have in your body and give you space to slowly expand in whichever direction you need to go.

Stand with your feet hip width apart, or if that is uncomfortable then sit upright in a chair. Raise your arms above your head, palms upwards, tilt your head up as much as is comfortable, close your eyes and then breathe, deeply. Repeat at least 7 times, feeling the breath permeating your body, allowing it to create space and releasing whatever you no longer need.


These essences are safe, beautiful, gentle and so helpful for times of difficulty.


This is an essence for times of deep struggle.  As the name implies, it helps when you are pushed to your limits and beyond, when you’ve lost all strength, balance and stability and you have no idea how you are going to get through your day.


This essence works as a great compliment to Soul Support and I would recommend taking them together. It helps you to reconnect with the feeling that you really aren’t alone in all this and that you are protected, nurtured and cared for during these challenging times.

Click here to go directly to Healthlines to order your essences and click here for information on how to take them.

Finally, if you want to do more, want to really get things moving again then why not sign up to have a one-to-one homeopathy consultation – click here for more information….And if you are looking to delve really deep why not read about my course of RADICAL TRANSFORMATION SESSIONS at www.angelajohnson.co.uk/radical-transformation.

With love and peacesymbol

Angela x

*images courtesy of Steve Johnson of Alaskan Essences –


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2 Responses

  1. So appreciate the suggestions you’ve made here. I’ve found flower essences to be invaluable during times of grief. I’m sure having homeopathic support and guidance would have been hugely helpful.

  2. Stella says:

    I love that the first thing you suggested was “remember to breathe” – I’ve found that whenever I’ve got tense, upset or stressed it’s the breath that is affected first. It gets shallow and constricted. And that happens too often when I’m sitting at a computer too! So thank you for your reminder – I’m breathing with more awareness now as I type.
    Stella x

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