Want to self-prescribe homeopathy but not sure where to start? Then this is for you!

Using something for the first time is often overwhelming and it’s no different with homeopathy.  There is so much information out there so how on earth are you going to find the right remedy for you? Self prescribing may seem far too complex for you to contemplate and something that is just too daunting to try.

However, before you write off the possibility of trying homeopathy there are 3 important things you should know.


It can be used on newborns right through to the elderly and the worst thing that can happen if you give yourself the wrong remedy is NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!! Gotacold

So, knowing that, when you then consider trying homeopathy to deal with common ailments like coughs, colds, tummy bugs, fevers etc, it suddenly doesn’t seem so impossible does it? After all, there isn’t really anything that can go wrong!

Prescribing for yourself and your family is a great way of getting to know how homeopathy works, and also for finding out which of the remedies are more likely to suit you. It is also a wonderful tool to use for bumps and bruises too – the remedies help boost the body’s healing systems and recovery is often much speedier as a result.

One of the key points you need to know about prescribing for yourself is that you are looking for the remedy that is the most similar to whatever symptom you are experiencing. This is where homeopathy differs from mainstream medicine – we don’t just have a pill for coughs and a pill for colds – it’s the details of your own particular symptoms that matter. So, as an example, imagine you have a cold. To find the most similar remedy you will need to note down as much information as possible so that you have a nice clear picture of your ‘type’ of cold. e.g.

  1. When did your cold start? (e.g. when out in a cold wind)
  2. Do you have any mucous or are you blocked up?
  3. If you have mucous, what colour is it?
  4. If you are blocked do you have any sinus pains?
  5. What time of the day do you feel worse?
  6. Is there anything that helps your symptoms? (e.g. being in the fresh air)
  7. Are there any changes to your eating and drinking habits?
  8. How are your energy levels?
  9. Any other really clear symptoms (like headache, toothache etc)

By really considering these details you can quickly build up a ‘symptom picture’ that accurately reflects how you are feeling and this is what will make choosing a remedy really easy.

You can then either use an on-line searching tool like the Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy ‘remedy finder’ at http://www.ainsworths.com/index.php?node=__ARF& or you can use a book like ‘The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy’ by Colin Griffith to match up your symptoms to the remedies suggested in the ‘colds’ section on the book.Homeopathybooks

There is also a ‘Homeopathic Helpline’ that you can call too. It is manned by fully qualified, very experienced homeopaths and the number is 09065 343404. Whilst the charge is £1.53 per minute, they are normally very quick with their remedy suggestions and it saves time trying to work out what remedy will suit you best if you or a member of your family are feeling really poorly. They are also open from 9am until midnight which is wonderful for any late night poorly children panics!

So, it really is that easy! If you have access to a kit of remedies then all you need to do is select the remedy and take it 2 hourly if your symptoms are severe, or 3 times a day for milder symptoms. If you need to buy the remedy you can find them in most large pharmacies or health food shops. You may have the choice of whether to buy 6c or 30c in which case I would recommend buying the 30c, however, 6c potency just as good, it may just need repeating a little more frequently.

homeoapthicremedykitYou should see an improvement within 24 hours if you have chosen a well suited remedy, and it should be sooner if you are dealing with an ailment that is ‘high energy’ like a fever. If you don’t see any change at all, try starting the process again – note down the most obvious symptoms and maybe a different remedy will seem a good one to try.

Obviously you should only stick to self-prescribing if you feel comfortable with it. Common sense is necessary and if you feel going to the doctors is the right step for you then you should certainly take it.

Homeopathy can be an amazing to use after you’ve had prescribed medicines to help you feel on form again – so don’t lose heart if you don’t manage to see through every illness with homeopathy. You can always use it the next time and the time after that, and each time you use it your knowledge will grow and you will find it’s not too long before your reaching for your kits with confidence.

Any questions on self-prescribing or homeopathy in general do please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you. Until then, happy prescribing!



Photo credit: mcfarlandmo / Foter / CC BY

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